Adult Faith Formation - The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer
August 26, 2017; 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Each course will cover the basic teachings of Lutheran theology focusing primarily on a named portion of Luther’s Small Catechism (Sacraments, Creed, Lord's Prayer, etc.) and the questions of the participants. Prior to the day of the course, participants will have the opportunity to email their questions about faith, church, theology, etc. to Pastor Paula. As time allows, these questions will be incorporated specifically into the content of the teaching for the day. Questions may also be taken the day of the course. Pr. Paula prefers to teach using the questions of the people in the room so you are learning what it is you want to know. Each of the three courses will follow the same format and will be applicable as stand-alone courses or as a series. Each course you attend will continue to broaden your theological understanding. The intention for these courses is to continue rotating through Luther's Small Catechism annually so those who miss one will have opportunity again in the next year.


Only $25 for each class. Each class is independent and can stand alone and all courses work together to provide a more complete understanding of your Lutheran identity. Lunch and book are included!


Carol Joy Holling Center, Ashland, NE
Swanson Retreat Center

For more information, contact Pr. Paula Lawhead by email at or by phone at 402-944-2544.

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