Harvest Your Life's Wisdom Retreat - CANCELLED


August 20-22, 2017
Carol Joy Holling's Swanson Retreat Center

Harvesting Your Life’s Wisdom - Life is full of teaching moments.  Some through grand successes and others through difficult challenges, even losses. What is life’s journey, marked by this transition to wise sage, inviting us to explore? How can this wisdom empower us to serve God & God’s Creation in new, deeper, and exciting ways? How can this new found meaning & purpose instill well-being into our lives … and others?  How can this well-being bring joy and fulfillment?

This relaxing, joyful and meaningful retreat will provide you the opportunity to:

  • Identify & celebrate the “wisdom seeds” that were sown throughout your life and have led to a spiritual maturity that can create well-being for you and those around you.
  • Identify and reflect on experiences that have shaped who you are.
  • Discover how to harvest your wisdom.
  • Feel empowered as you embrace your calling from God to become an elder, a sage: Seeding the future with your wisdom.

These key insights will be cultivated and harvested through reflection, small group sharing, and worship.

Retreat Leader

Paul Campbell began creating and offering retreats for those in their “3rd Chapter of Life” six years ago while serving as the Executive Director for Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center in Carefree, Arizona. He retired from that position and is now re-fired to answer God’s call to create and lead retreats focused on this age group … growing Whole, not Old!


Day 1

The vision of spiritual wisdom

  • What is wisdom? 
  • Looking at the biblical and cultural view of the life cycle … the chapters of a story.
  • What is a wise elder, a sage (it’s not just about age)?  

Day 2

Your Story

  • Identifying what you have lost as you age and how to deal with it.
  • Exploring and celebrating the wisdom gained in your life’s drama.

Tools for harvesting wisdom

  • Moving from the “minus” side of aging to the “plus” side and how this transformation creates well-being.
  • How to “self-realize” your future self.

 Day 3

Becoming your future self

  • Realizing what God has in mind for you in this chapter of your story.
  • Intergenerational bestowal and serving the Greater Good.
  • Celebrating the wisdom harvest and moving to the new and refreshing chapter.


$350 Couples

$225 Individual- Single Occupancy

$190 Individual- Double Occupancy